Sunday, November 22, 2009

Link: Las Vegas Review-Journal on The Mirage's 20th birthday

I wasn't a Vegas visitor 20 years ago, but I DO remember my mom talking about the grand new hotel when it first opened up on the Strip. She was absolutely amazed by it. From what she said, there was nothing else like it in Las Vegas, and there was nothing quite as beautiful and amazing anywhere on the Strip.

It seems The Mirage was the hotel that started the Las Vegas hotel/casino boom. It was the first hotel that Steve Wynn added to the Las Vegas Strip, and the first new hotel on the Strip in 15 years when it opened in 1989. It was amazing for its size, its beauty, and its whopping $640 million price tag (a record at the time).

The Mirage started the growth that helped make the Las Vegas Strip what it is today: an eye-popping, neck-swivelling, gasp-inspiring mecca of bright lights, great deals, and 24-hour fun. Wait...I think I just recapped all the reasons I love it so much!

Happy Birthday, Mirage! Say hello to your dolphins and the performers in LOVE for me. I hope to see you all in the Spring.

Check out the LVRJ article here:

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