Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bacchanal for Brunch (again) in October - with photos

When looking back through my blog posts, I realized that I hadn't posted my Bacchanal brunch photos from my October 2013 trip.  My friend Tania especially wanted to hear about it and see the photos, so this is mostly for her.  :)

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace recently celebrated their one year anniversary.  Still delicious.  Saturday brunch is as expensive as dinner, so be aware of the price if you go.

Coffee, juice and unlimited mimosas for Saturday brunch: $44.95+tax and tip (take $2 if you are a Total Rewards member).

First round: Sui mai and pot stickers (delicious!), green beans in wine sauce (yummy!), Chinese vegetables (good), bacon and egg pizza (very good and crispy), skirt steak and egg (small plate-pretty good and not overdone), Monte Christo (almost out of shot on the right - interesting...).  Oh, and OJ and pre-mixed mimosas (which are goooooood).  I'd never had a Monte Christo before - it tastes like a jelly doughnut and a ham sandwich had a baby.

 Second round:  Cold boiled shrimp (can't really mess those up), papas con carne (yucky!), hash brown casserole (delicious!), salumi (fresh and good), and a bacon, egg and cheese frittata on the small plate (decent).

Dessert plate!  Of course there's a dessert plate!

Delicious bread pudding, a fruit cup with honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon (meh!), a lemon strawberry cupcake (also meh), and a warm, ooey-gooey chocolate lava cake, which was soooo good I almost licked the container!  Plus coffee, of course.  I love their coffee.

I also tried their fresh squeezed watermelon juiced and discovered I am NOT a fan.  It was not watermelon-y at all and I felt like I was drinking the leftover water in the bottom of the container that held the watermelon.  Bleh...

I managed to have 4 mimosas and sit there for an hour and a half, enjoying my breakfast and taking my time.  I don't mind eating alone at all, and it was a great chance to sit and people-watch.  The Mexican futbol team, Tigres Dorados, came in for brunch while I was there and had a whole area to themselves.  They were taking more pics of the food than I was!

Looking forward to going back for a visit in January with my mom!