Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vegas in Motion: Time lapse of Las Vegas favorites by the Las Vegas Review-Journal (link)

I found a wonderful new thing on the Las Vegas Review-Journal's website: time-lapse photography taken in some of Vegas' most wonderful parts of the city! I just had to share it here:

Now this is a channel I could watch all day long!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Show seating advice from an expert: GREGRIO's take on 13 Vegas shows and the best seating options

I love a good Vegas show. Some of them more than others.

The thing is, I tend to see the same two or three shows over and over again when I DO add in a show because I love them so much.  

However, a fellow LV4E poster, GREGRIO, has seen lots of different Vegas shows multiple times and has tried out the different seating areas in many of them.  In fact, that's his reason for going to Vegas: to see great Vegas shows, and to see them again and again if he really enjoys them.  The gambling and food are secondary for him, so I think he has great insight for getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to shows - and avoiding the dreaded "partially obstructed" views and other problems you may find in some show venues.

Greg recently posted a list of the 13 Las Vegas shows he gets the most questions about, and he included his thoughts on the best seats in the house for each of them. Of course, I asked his permission to post the list here before I added it to my collection of great Vegas info. Thanks again, Greg!

First, some of GREGRIO's "Rules of Thumb":

*Upper rear seats are the best for Cirque shows.

*Down front and center is best for comedians.

*Mid-room locations are best for music - around the 'sound booth' (it's there for a good reason). Sound needs room to open up. Up close, the vocals will sound 'muddy' and 'muffled'.

*The far LEFT and RIGHT sections in 'most' theaters are pretty poor seats.

Maitre'D Tipping:

*They need at least 10 bucks per person in your party to re-seat you to a better location.
*Tipping and discount ticket brokers - On-line services like and have great ticket prices, but they're not always the better seats...even at VIP levels. Be prepared to tip your Maitre'D when you use these services.

Greg buys 99% of his tickets "rack rate" from the Box Offices (calling or arriving to see what seats are available for purchase). His biggest piece of advice? Do your homework and look at the seating chart. You need to have an idea of where you want to sit at the price you want to pay and CALL THE BOX OFFICE. Don't use the websites to book your seats and there won't be any disappointments.

Now, on to the top 13!

1) Mystere at ti (formerly Treasure Island) - 1.800.944.7444 or . Click on the Mystere photo to see the seating chart. Section 202, Rows AA-GG.

2) LOVE at The Mirage - 1.800.963.9634 or and click on the LOVE photo. Sections 209 or 200 anywhere. Greg prefers the upper/mid area. (I sat in Section 209 for my last visit and it was by far my favorite! Sorry - back to the list.)

3) KA at MGM - 1.866.774.7117 or Click "Entertainment". Section 202, Rows AA-GG.

4) O at Bellagio - 1.888.987.7111 or Click "Cirque du Soleil". Section 203, Upper Orchestra

5) Viva Elvis at Aria - 1.877.253.5847 or Click "Viva Elvis". Probably the most complicated seating chart in town, according to Greg. He suggests the middle seating choices, and Section 202 is center. If you prefer the front section with the 'comfy seats' and more leg room, sit in themid-section or back section. Right up front is too close to the action.

6) Zumanity at New York, New York - 1.866.606.7111 or Click "Zumanity". Sections 102 or 103, Rows A-D. Zumanity also has lots of seating choices: there are love seats up front, a balcony which is good, and sections on the sides of the stage. Because of the configuration of the stage, the side sections limit your view while performers are working the 'front' of the stage. You'll view their profile or backsides for some of the routines.

7) Jersey Boys at Venetian - 1.877.583.6423 or Place your pointer on "Entertainment" and select Jersey Boys. "Golden Circle" seating, Rows F-K or Section 2 center, Rows L-R.

8) Blue Man Group at Venetian - 1.877.583.6423 or Place your pointer on "Entertainment" and select Blue Man Group. Front Orchestra, Rows F-M.

9) The Phantom of the Opera at Venetian - 1.877-583.6423 or Place your pointer on "Entertainment" and select Phantom of the Opera. Golden Circle seating, Rows G-M. There's been a rumor that Phantom might be ending it's run. It's just a rumor at this point, but if you want to see it, NOW'S THE TIME. Probably some of the best costumes and stage sets in town. (I agree! Sorry, had to add that in there...)

10) Jubilee at Bally's - 1.800.634.3434 or Click "Events/Entertainment". Section C center, Rows A-F.

11) Carrot Top at Luxor - 1.800.288.1000 or Click "Entertainment". Mezzanine, Section 1, Row D. You want the theater seats...there are some folding chairs.

*Bonus show: Fantasy at Luxor (same info as above) - This is an adult topless show, and they use the same theater as Carrot Top.

12) Le Reve at Wynn - 1.888.320.9966 or Click "Entertainment". Section A or B, Rows G-K. Greg prefers the top row, which is Row K. The showroom is 'in-the-round' and the views are good throughout. IF there was a 'front of the stage', it's Sections A and B that the artists face. Section L is the VIP area. Great view, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, lots of leg room but a bit pricey. You even have your own video screen to watch the underwater action.

13) Penn & Teller at RIO - 1.888.746.7482 or Click "Events/Entertainment". Greg prefers the down front center VIP area for this show. (Note to everyone: Penn & Teller sign autographs and take photos after the show, so you can certainly get up close to them afterwards. Sounds like fun!)

So, there you go! A few ideas to get you started in your quest for the best seating at your next show. Thanks again to Greg for putting together such a great list.

Have fun making plans!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NMchop's AMAZING continuous LIVE trip report: Link

He's at it again.

Our friend over at LV4E, NMchop, is on another whirlwind trip in Las Vegas.

Last summer he made it 3 1/2 weeks in Vegas, hopping around from hotel to hotel, free offer to free offer, not paying for any rooms and showering us with wonderful photos and daily live trip report updates while he stayed alive financially as long as possible. It was amazing. I can't imagine anyone else even beginning to attempt a trip like this...even once in their lifetime!

This year he started out in Reno on June 17th for the National Bowling Championships and went on to Lake Tahoe with friends where he contemplated flying on to Vegas or going home. He chose to go to Vegas, and he's still there. As I write this, it's July 6th, and he's booked at Palazzo for the next 3 nights. Who knows how much longer this will continue?

He's doing a lot more low-rolling than he did last year, so he could make it for quite awhile if he sticks to his budget and can put together the free room and free play offers at each hotel.

Here's a link to his trip report on LasVegas4Ever - very interesting!