Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Link to article: 10 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

Another great list of things to do or see, off the beaten path, if you want something different to do in Las Vegas.  This article is on the HotelClub blog:

Hidden Gems

I've always wanted to find the "secret pizza", but haven't done it yet.  

I HAVE seen the tusk at TI, which is beautiful.  TI also has several other beautiful artifacts on display with the tusk.

Great ideas if you're tired of the same old Vegas.  I'm not. 

Link to article: 5 Best Buffets in Las Vegas

I've only tried three of the five on this list, so I don't know if I totally agree or not, but here's the list from Travel +

Best Las Vegas Buffets

My experience with Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan was just "meh" - it had some good points, but not everything was hot.  We went for breakfast, which is my favorite meal, and we were there at 9:00 a.m., so it's not like stuff had been sitting out all morning.

The Buffet @ Wynn was my favorite for quite a while.  I've gone probably 6 or 7 times for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I just haven't gone back because there are so many others to try now!  The Jazz Brunch at the Country Club at Wynn is there to compete with it now, but it is only on Sundays and it is a bit pricier.  

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is definitely the top on my list (and my mom's, for sure!) right now.  I've been for breakfast and lunch - or a spillover from breakfast TO lunch - on several occasions now, and I really enjoy it.  The key is to take your time, eat slowly, and sit back and talk with your table mates or just people-watch if you're alone.  No need to rush.

I've never been to M Resort and probably won't.  I'm a Strip Girl.  That's where I stay, that's where I play, and that's where I eat.  So I can't say a thing about this one.

Aria's buffet is on my to do list.  I think it could be a worthy contender.  The only problem is getting to it; everything is such a LONG walk because the hotel is so far back from the Strip, then THROUGH the casino, etc.  But good for a solo trip, perhaps.

My favorite "regular priced" buffet is at Harrah's.  They have a good selection and are not too expensive.  All of the top 5 buffets on this list top $30 for breakfast and $50 for dinner.  Harrah's will get you in for $20 for breakfast and $30 for dinner, and you get an extra $1-$2 off for being a Total Rewards member (take your card with you to get your discount).

Keep eating Vegas!