Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Link to site: VegasChatter has great info for the Vegas visitor

If you're looking for a good place to get THE latest updates on all things Vegas (other than the things I specifically point you to), and you like your information a little on the quirky side, look to for some fun news reporting on the Las Vegas scene.

The site!

I was recently introduced to the website by a friend from LasVegas4Ever, and I have found TONS of great information there.  I like my Vegas news to involve more than the car chases and drug busts that get reported in the typical Vegas news online; I prefer to see what's new in my Favorite Place on Earth and WHY I should go do or see this 'something new' the next time I visit.

In addition, they have some great buffet and restaurant reviews, as well as hotel and show reviews, so that I can see what I REALLY want to do when I visit again and can share my experience and photos with you when I return.

Check it out and enjoy the sometimes cheeky posts!

Link to article: Street vendors banned from Las Vegas Boulevard

According to a recent article published on, street vendors have been banned from selling items on Las Vegas Boulevard effective immediately.  Here's a link to the article:


This makes me happy.  They cause bottlenecks on the walkways and can be a dangerous distraction, encouraging pickpockets to aggressively attempt to take your wallet when you're looking elsewhere.   Plus there are some aggressive individuals who try to sell their CDs and other items and follow people for half a block, asking (begging) repeatedly for a sale.  This usually causes the individuals to side-step or move quickly in order to avoid them, and then you end up with tourists in the middle of the Strip, trying to get around the people who are trying to get around the vendors.

The law does not affect the costumed characters as long as they don't ASK for money, or the "porn slappers" who are protected by the Freedom of Speech because they are advertising, not collecting.  In addition, the beggars who are increasingly clogging up the sidewalks and overpasses on the Strip - with or without their pets or musical instruments in tow - are not affected by this new law, either.  

I can only hope that Clark County comes up with a law covering panhandling, as well.  It is unfortunate that people are unable to walk around without being accosted by so many different individuals while they attempt to get from point A to point B on any given day of their vacations.  All I need is for Texas to legalize gambling and I will abandon my favorite vacation spot if Vegas lawmakers don't start to see the value of the people who bring in the money on a daily basis.