Sunday, January 24, 2016

September 2015 Labor Day Weekend - Photo Trip Report

"Better late than never..."

Is that really true?  So much has happened in the past four months that I completely forgot to post anything about my September 2015 Vegas trip with my mom.  As it turns out, our Labor Day weekend trip was mom's last Vegas trip before she passed away on December 23, 2015 from cancer.

When I finally downloaded the Vegas photos from my little Canon PowerShot camera, I found another photo of mom that I'd forgotten about.  Mom was never a fan of having her picture taken in the first place, so I'm shocked that I actually got TWO photos of her on this trip.  We had a great time, even though she had already lost her appetite and was worried about the doctor's appointment she had scheduled for the Tuesday after we returned.  That was the date she was officially diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I think this last trip was a really great way to take her mind off of everything.

Since it's already been four months since we took this trip, I'm just going to post the photos with captions.  It's been fun looking back at the photos and remembering mom in her favorite place one last time.

I love you, mama.  I'm so glad you introduced me to your favorite place so that it could become MY favorite place.  It was a wonderful thing to share with you on so many occasions.  I wish I'd thought to add this sooner, because I know how much you loved to re-live Vegas through photos and stories, especially when you were involved.  <3>

Paris morning

Love it in black and white, too.

French Kiss @ The Henry in Cosmopolitan (delicious!)

Mom and I both put a little money out there, but I think I had to borrow pennies from her.  That explains while she won and I did NOT. 

Sunset from the Venetian towards The Mirage.

Split order of Lobster Eggs Benedict at Payards @ Caesars - Seriously, that is some good stuff!

Me in my favorite bathroom in Vegas: 
the downstairs bathroom off the casino floor in Caesars

Mom and her final royal flush - in spades - at Caesars :)

Bubbly Dragon - FIN at The Mirage
It was okay, but I prefer their Zen Mojito.

Mini meet at Harrah's - me in between NandJfromNJ, Julie, and Paul

Slingback cosmo @ OLiVES in Bellagio -

Cajun pasta @ OLiVES - 
I don't think this is even on the menu anymore.

North Atlantic Sea Scallops with mushroom risotto, asparagus, and a butter emulsion @ OLiVES in Bellagio.
This was really, really good!

Not a bad view from our Harrah's room looking at TI.

Sunrise over The Linq
I was taking a photo of the new club area at Caesars.  
I don't remember why...

Another view of Paris.
I have an obsession with this hotel,
but I can't win there.  Odd...
Sun shots at Paris 

The OTHER happy photo of mom - she hit 4 of a kind something or other and shocked herself by holding the correct cards, AND she was singing. :)
Lobster grilled cheese sandwich from Lobster ME in the Venetian.  We shared.
I could eat two of them if you let me.

Light fixture over our table at Payard's @ Caesars Palace

The Mirage

Some wins are so deceiving, lol! $17.36...

Pepper steak and Singapore noodles at FIN @ The Mirage.  This was the only time mom completely cleaned her plate and had seconds AND thirds!
The first time I took her to FIN, she was skeptical, but it quickly became one of her favorite restaurants.  She ordered the Singapore noodles after I'd ordered them on the last trip. :)

Lobstermania2 hit - sometimes minimum bets pay off.
I hit every jackpot but the big one during this trip.
Mom's ham and mushroom omelet at Fulton Street Market in Harrah's...
...along with the very tiny muffin in a bag, lol.

My French toast from Fulton Street Market was really good - fluffy, hot, crunchy on the edges.  I'd order it again for sure.

The Linq fountains using my Canon miniature app.  
Still my favorite app.