Monday, April 14, 2014

Liberace exhibit at The Cosmopolitan - March 2014

I took a whole bunch of photos at the Liberace exhibit at The Cosmopolitan, so I decided to post them separately here.

The website showed this exhibit wrapped up at the end of February 2014, but it was still going strong during our end of March trip, and mom and I took a look-see at all the excess that was Liberace.  Very interesting exhibit, and something to do for a while that involved a small donation and some time away from the slots and video poker machines.

The car is outside of the exhibit, on the casino floor.

Outside, looking in...

Inside the Christmas cape

Back of the Christmas cape.

DaVinci Exhibit at The Venetian - March 2014

These are some photos from the DaVinci Exhibit at The Venetian, March 2014.  When I saw that the exhibit would be open while mom and I were there for our trip, I made an absolute plan to go, since I missed the National Geographic 50 Greatest Photos Exhibit in January (bummer).

Cost was $27.50 per person (discounts for students, local residents, and active military available), and the entrance was off The Venetian's lobby area, through a small gift shop.  I spent about an hour or so going through the entire exhibit, which was entirely at your own pace.  It probably would've taken my dad twice as long, since he reads everything and THEN studies the objects intently.

These photos only represent a small part of the whole exhibit.  The first couple of pieces were outside, tempting the people to go inside and see more.
Archimedean Screw

Fan-Type Gun

Screw Cutting Machine

Above the entrance to the exhibit

DaVinci self portrait

The copy of Mona Lisa wasn't well lit.

The size of "The Last Supper" had me looking at it end to end for a long time...

Mechanical Drum

Steam Cannon

Armored Tank

United wing

I had no idea he'd been involved in our modern odometer!

Wax Hygrometer