Sunday, September 3, 2017

Vegas with Queen + Adam Lambert June 2017

Vegas with Queen + Adam Lambert June 2017

Photos from my last Vegas trip, June 23-25.  My whole reason for booking this trip was to attend the Queen + Adam Lambert concert on Saturday night.   What an awesome show!  One of the best I've seen, only second to The Eagles.

On my first night in town, I met up with Chriss, a long-time friend from England, whom I'd never met in person before.  We've been internet friends for about 10 years, and we talked like old friends who see each other regularly,  We also drank a LOT of free drinks, courtesy of the Bellagio.  I also got to meet Carole, Chriss' wife, who is a very sweet and funny lady.  Love them both to bits!  Hopefully I'll get a chance to go "across the pond" to see them both sometime soon.

Hermes' window displays at Bellago

Chriss and me enjoying Bellagio's drinks

Goodies from England for me-thanks, Chriss!

My cute tin of biscuits!

Love my pin!

Sharknado slot machine.  They will make a slot machine out of anything...

Dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen
Upstairs seating

Colcannon soup

Fish & chips

Irish Coffee Cake - OMG, so good!  And alcoholic!

Queen + Adam Lambert concert

Bellagio Conservatory - Summer Display

White chocolate polar bears at Jean Phillipe in Aria
The details are incredible as always.

Breakfast - my Forest Crepe at Jean Phillipe - ham, cheese, eggs, chipotle, and I forgot what else. 

Besides Game of Thrones, my Walking Dead obsession continues...

Proof that they are ALWAYS working on the Bellagio display.

Aria decor

My first time playing Goldfish Deluxe at NY/NY, and I got all the fishes and the highest-paying turtle on my first try!

Aaaaaaand now I'm addicted to it.

Until we meet again, Vegas.  Sayonara.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Girls' Trip in Photos - December 2016

Last Christmas, our boss gave us three hard-working women a trip to Vegas as our Christmas bonus.  Me, Roslyn, and Julie spent three nights at Bellagio having a great time.  Roslyn hadn't been in years, and it was Julie's first trip.  I got to play tour guide once again.  

I think I can safely say that Julie had a great first trip.  We saw Zumanity, ate great food, and did a LOT of walking.  Check out Julie's "beefcake" photo at the end.   :)
Airport drinks

I've missed you, Game of Thrones!

Bellagio Conservatory

Santa was checking his list while he was checking out the Conservatory display.
Zumanity at New York/NY

Thanks, Walking Dead!  I can't watch your show, but I can play the game!

Entrance to LOVE at The Mirage - still my favorite Cirque show.

Roslyn with David

Caesars Palace

The Bellagio Fountains are always relaxing to watch.

A couch at Cosmopolitan that I've never noticed before.
But perhaps it wasn't there before...

I love this pic of Roslyn and me.

Introducing the girls to Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace on our last day.

Happy but tired.

Yes, I think it's safe to say Julie had fun!
I believe her exact words as we were walking across the street were, "Hold my purse!"