Sunday, August 11, 2013

The High Roller Wheel Showing Signs of Progress

The construction of the High Roller wheel behind The Quad is finally starting to look like a giant wheel!  Here's a link to the latest photos:

Got rims?

Still, it's a giant ferris wheel, and I'm not crazy about it even if it IS in Las Vegas, so I'll just take photos from the ground, thanks very much.

But I'm glad to see some progress to the construction in this area!  It seems like the Boardwalk theme can't come together fast enough for me.  Looking forward to seeing some new shops, trying some new restaurants, and enjoying the outdoors in Vegas.  Hurry, Vegas!

Traveling - and Airplane Etiquette - Revisited

Once upon a time, about 2 1/2 years ago, I posted a list of airplane etiquette items on this blog for consideration - here's the original post: Be nice!

Webmistress Bonnie at LasVegas4Ever found an article titled "13 Things That Make You Public Enemy #1 On A Plane".  Here's a link to that article: 13 things...  There are a few things that kind of overlap my own list, but I agree with each and every one.

I have to say I especially agree with #10, and when it comes to clipping nails, that is someone I would NOT want to be seated next to!  What if their fingernail shrapnel flew into my drink?  Disgusting!

Just remember that you ARE in a public place, even it's a small and confined one.  Don't do stuff that would embarrass your mother.