Sunday, July 7, 2013

"The Walking Dead"...Coming To a Casino Near You!

Pretty much anything can become a slot machine these days.  Movies and TV shows are the biggest trends right now.

My husband's favorite TV show, "The Walking Dead", is coming to Vegas via Aristocrat slots.

He might actually play slot machines now!  Well, probably not, but if he did, this is what he'd be playing.

I love all the themed slots in Vegas, especially if they have good bonus rounds with lots of interaction.  I will have to try this one out on my next trip and see how it goes, so I will reserve judgement until then.  

Here's a promo clip from YouTube:
Flesh-eating Fun

A Space Finally Filled at Harrah's!

I was hoping they'd put something good next to the Harrah's Sports Bar, and it looks like they did!
Carnaval Grill

The photos look yummy, so here's hoping that a quick food option is a positive change for Harrah's.  

I have been supremely disappointed by the Harrah's Cafe' constantly changing its hours, its menu, and its whole attitude towards the customers.  It was a great place to have a quick dinner, but now you can't do that.  So, Carnaval Grill looks to meet that quick dining requirement.

If anyone has a chance to try it, please post your opinions!

The Quad Makes Progress

This is a complete makeover I'm actually looking forward to seeing.

My original home-away-from-home, Imperial Palace, is getting ever closer to being transformed into The Quad. See some recent photos here: Metamorphosis

It was a very tired and outdated hotel, to be sure.  There are so many good changes coming to it, but I am worried they will also price themselves out of my market, too.  Let's hope they don't do that when they start renovating the rooms.

Imperial Palace was always a cheap place to stay in Vegas.  I remember my very first trip in 1997, my mom, an aunt, and a cousin stayed in one room during a quick weekend trip that was part of a bigger trip to Southern California to see my dying uncle.  That trip formed by Vegas foundation.  I fell in love with the city, and I was able to find my way around the little casino blindfolded.  After only a couple of trips, I was able to give people directions through the casino and hotel while they were in Vegas and I was sitting on my own couch at home because I knew it so well.

The food choices definitely needed updating.  The Emperor's Buffet - I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.  I hope they give it a complete overhaul, as well.  Hash House a Go-Go and Embers restaurant are the only two places I think are very good right now.  But I'm looking forward to Guy Fieri's new restaurant, too.

So many possibilities.  They should be almost finished with the main casino renovations by the time I get there in October, and I'm looking forward to a visit to see what great new things await.

Bill's Changeover To Gansevoort Is Making Progress

I am not a huge fan of the new name, and I'm not really a big fan of Bill's Gambling Hall changing to Gansevoort...

But they are making progress.  Here's a link to the latest information on the change from "gambling hall" to "boutique hotel": Floors With A View

I was finally curious enough to look up "Gansevoort" and find out what it means, because it's certainly not a word I hear every day, even in the world of all things Vegas :).  

I found that Gansevoort was the surname of a Colonel in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.  It is also the name of two luxury hotels in New York, which is who Caesars Entertainment is partnering with on this new venture.  Here's an artist's rendering and a related article on the new Gansevoort boutique hotel in Las Vegas: High Style.

According to the article, the hotel is set to open in January 2014 with rates starting at $249 - WOW!  That's far above the usual Bill's Gambling Hall rate.  Those had better be some REALLY fantastic views of the Bellagio fountains!

Drai's late night club will be returning in the new hotel - and I'm sure that will make the Vegas party set very happy.  I will enjoy it for another reason: people-watching as all the late night/early morning zombies return to their rooms.  Ahhhhh...happiness.

Caesars Entertainment is trying to lure "a new breed" of Las Vegas tourist with this new hotel, in addition to the new Nobu wing at Caesars Palace and the makeover of Imperial Palace into "The Quad" (I will expound on that one further in another post), but they really need to remember that Vegas was built on the little guy, too.  They are going to price themselves out of a market and have some of us loyal Caesars Entertainment hotel visitors moving to MLife Properties where we can get more FREE stuff by playing online games for comps, as well.

Just sayin'.