Friday, June 15, 2012

Hash House a Go-Go at Imperial Palace: dinner/snack time!

I really enjoy eating at Hash House a Go-Go in Imperial Palace.  Yes, they have ridiculously large portions.  Yes, they are self-described as serving "twisted farm food".  But they are good.  Even my husband agrees; he had chicken and waffles there during a recent trip and still talks about it with a wistful look in his eyes, and he's much pickier than I am.

If you go looking for the restaurant, remember that they are NOT on the casino floor; rather, they are on the second floor, which you get to via escalator or elevator near the back of the casino, near the restrooms.  I say this specifically because there are other escalators and elevators that service other floors, and you will not be able to access Hash House from any of them.

We discovered that we could eat there without over-eating on this trip.  My first experience with the restaurant had us going for breakfast back in 2010, and the pancakes we had were HUGE.  This time my mom and I tried Hash House after enjoying the Human Nature show and got late night appetizers as dinner entrees, which were much more reasonably sized.  This might be the way to go...

Service was a little slow for them not being busy on a Sunday night, but the food was very good as it was before.  We both ordered iced tea to start while we tried to decide just what we would get from the extensive menu without stuffing ourselves to oblivion.  

Mom ended up choosing the Crispy Cornmeal Tiger Prawns while I chose the Blue Crab Cake with pasta salad.  These "appetizers" were the size of a regular restaurant's meal, and they were perfectly sized for our late night dinner experience.  Mom said the Tiger Prawns were delicious.  They were served with a drizzle of Chipotle mayonnaise and impaled on a huge chunk of watermelon, so it's like dinner AND dessert all wrapped into one.  The prawns were each about 5 inches across - really big and crispy.  
Tiger prawns and watermelon...yum!
 My crab cake and vegetable pasta were both perfectly cooked, had great flavor and plenty of spices, and it was a perfect size for me.  The crab cake was about 6 inches across and over an inch thick, but full of flavor, warm and satisfying.  The Chipotle mayonnaise was also served with my meal, and it was delicious.
A crab cake portion for a normal person...
It took awhile to get the waitress' attention for more tea and our bill, but she was pleasant enough.  Still, when a restaurant isn't crowded and you don't have many tables to wait on, you should be able to check on your customers quickly and efficiently.  If she needed to take a break she should have told us so, but it was not mentioned, and I can only assume she was chatting in the kitchen while we were waiting.

Mom paid, but this time I saw the bill was $27 before tip.  That's the size of an average dinner bill in Vegas, so I don't think it's unreasonable at all.

I give this experience an 8 out of 10.  The food and atmosphere were great, but the service was a little slow and lacking.  I'll be back again to try something new.

To check out their menu or restaurant hours, see their website here: Menu

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