Saturday, July 4, 2009

The value of freebies on a video poker trip - look at this!

Our friend in Vegas, NMchop, put a value to his comps and freebies so far on his Las Vegas adventure.

His total comps so far (not counting free drinks) comes to about $4,834 if you were to put it in dollars. Read his breakdown post here:

He has been in Vegas since June 17th, and the amount of comps and free play he's received so far is becoming legend among our little group of Vegas fanatics.

Best of luck, NMchop! Hope you're still in Vegas for the big LV4E meet next Saturday.


  1. I keep track of all my wins and looses and have since I started gambling. I wish I had kept some track of my comps, but that seems harder. I think now that I am beginning to bring my computer to Vegas, I'll start keeping track. It clearly is difficult because we take things for free that we would never buy and stay places with inflated room charges, beyond what we would pay cash for, because that is also free. So real value to tough to figure, but even a low ball estimate would be valuable when talking to people about this hobby.

  2. His story was so fun to follow!


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