Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Link to article: Saving a buck in Sin City

Vegas.com recently added a page to their blog titled "Saving a buck in Sin City". The page contains links to quite a few money-saving ideas for Las Vegas visitors, including Deals (dining and other stuff), Bargain Hunting, Free Attractions and a list of 20 Deals under $20. Here's the link to check out THEIR links:
Save $$$

Six weeks until my next Vegas trip!


  1. Well, you will beat me. I'm going in April.
    I like Vegas.com but lately they have been higher in prices than other discounters.
    So they connected me with Priceline for a $29 weekend deal and in a way where I saw the hotel I was booking. No great shakes. Vegas Club, but all other places for 23-25 April are much higher.
    I like using this broad search as it covers a bunch of the discounters and presents good comparisons.
    For promotions in casinos, a week before going I always check with American Casino Guide Scot Krause
    Win some money, but leave some for me

  2. Thanks, Dewey. I always appreciate all the money-saving links you find. I am sure I'll leave plenty of money for you, too.


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