Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A guide to Las Vegas resort fees: A new blog from my friend Dewey

My LV4E friend, Dewey, is a very thrifty fellow. He is probably the most thrifty Vegas visitor I know (online and personal friends included).

He recently took the time to set up a new blog dedicated to Las Vegas resort fees, and it's very nicely organized. Here's the link: http://vegasresortfees.blogspot.com/.

Dewey is a frequent Vegas traveler who usually spends about 2 weeks in Vegas on every trip, making the most of his vacation dollar, so him authoring this frugal Vegas blog is very appropriate. I now have a reliable source to go to when I want to research fees before I book a trip for myself - or anyone else, as I regularly do. (Why am I not a Vegas travel agent for my friends and family? A small commission would help greatly to fund my own gambling budget. Food for thought...)

Thanks, Dewey!

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